Friday, January 29, 2010

This Just In

The Tada Shop

The Tada Shop, you gotta love that name! The just-launched site for apparel (girls, boys, babies) and toys is more than a virtual shopping cart; it compares and contrasts looks and prices from hundreds of brands, saving you the chore of website hopping, hence the TADA!

It works like this...Need a red dress for less than $50? Select the right filters and — presto! — choices appear. Toddler boys’ polos? Ka-zam — you’re in business. Sellers range from big-name (J.Crew, Mini Boden) to indie (Neige, Mini Rodini); AND... when it’s time to buy, you’re directed to their sites.

Rounding things out are the Create a Look feature that lets you piece together and see entire outfits, expert style tips, and sales.

I just love websites that are created to be ready, willing and happy (with showmenship) to make things easier for MOMS! YAY!!! Bravo!!! TADA!!!

It all deserves a major fanfair.

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