Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pink and Stuffed with Fluff

Ok, I'll admit it.
I'm having so much fun with this little girl of mine.
She is either going to laugh and think that she is as adorable in this picture when she grows up as I do, or she is going to be so mad at me for dressing her up so fluffy.
But look!!!
She is pink and she is a G I R L!!!
She is now 3 months old and smiles and coos. So, of course she is enjoying it. Never mind that she screamed her head off before this picture was taken because I was messing with her so much. Hey, she got happy again.....


Once I called in support from her father and he gave her a pat pat walk around the house and gave her a bottle and burped her and gently placed her down on this furry blanket covered bouncy seat.
She may have given a slight whimper when I placed her legs like this, BUT I'm sure she really enjoyed it. I mean... look! Here is Proof, she is smiling.
Ok, so daddy is off camera and getting her to stop crying and she's reacting to his sweet talk....but over all she is ok.
I, on the other hand, am standing to her right, in a time out because I touched her too much and made her cry, I'm in a hands off posture, ok, a fetal position, but the picture turned out so cute.

I love that I have someone around to play tea party with, and baby dolls, Barbies, doll houses, and play house. I cannot wait to pass on recipes to her and bond while teaching her how to knit. Dressing up and going to the ballet, symphony and plays.
ahhhhhh, it will be so fun.
Ok, for me it will be fun. She might not think so but a mom can dream right?

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