Monday, January 11, 2010


There is something bitter sweet about knowing that I just had my last baby/child of my life. I love my kids very much, but I cannot believe I am to a point in life that I know I'm done. Somedays, I think that I would flip out and go nuts with another 9 months of ever growing girth. Then there are days that my middle boy and baby are so sweet and both at cute stages of their life and I would love another baby.

But Seriously Folks, I'm done. Done, done, done having babies! I think I'm at an adult milestone. Wow! Now to focus on taking care of these three, forever. oy, yeah...I'm done.

These are the walls I started at for my 5 day recovery while in the hospital. My view was of a court yard/circular drive/ front of the hospital. How very nice it was. Inside my view was ...well, you see for yourself.

To my right a large window looking at the hospital entrance.
To my left was a rocking chair and a clock to make my day tick tock slowly. Behind the curtain is a large sink and work area with a small refrigerator.
And straight ahead of me. The TV storage unit. SO much fun to look at. I had no time to watch TV. What? Why didn't I watch TV? I'm not a big TV watcher and Hello...I was taking care of a newborn.
My door. I was asked to walk the halls to get me feeling better. I instead felt like being plopped in my wafer thin hospital bed.
my pink sassy boa wreath on my door, given to me by my Aunt.

This was a fun time in life. To be wheeled into the room to recover while holding baby newborn. To watch the bath and diaper changing. To have family fill the room and ooo and aahhh over baby. This room is baby's first home. From here we go home to family, never to return again....

Good Bye Room 217

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