Saturday, January 9, 2010

Home Again

Baby girl made it home from the hospital. Everyone had to wear mask around us. My parents delivered us to the front door and took our luggage upstairs to the nursery. My darling husband bought candles and lit them around the house so it would look pretty when we arrived. He told me he wanted our homecoming to be special. How sweet is that? It was very beautiful and romantic and very thoughtful. But it was sad that I could not hug him nor could he hold his new baby daughter for a few more days. Seeing the special candles lit right then, I felt how nice it was to be home.
The baby and I lived in the nursery upstairs alone for a few days. My toddler didn't know that I was even home. We didn't want to torture him because he would not be allowed to be around the baby and I until his cough and fever was gone. It was lonely, but I texted my family and friends, and had around the clock baby care of a newborn kept me busy. Seems like lots to go through I know, but, I was glad to be out of the hospital.
We were warned of the risk to have me, a surgical patient and my newborn home with all three of them sick with swine flu, but we took all the precautions we could to make it safe for the two of us to be home. I'm so glad we did.

Look at this sweet angel.

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