Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo Session for Baby

The days of the hospital photographer who just roll into your room for a few blinding snapshots of your baby posed on their backs in a tray are over. Now the photographer roll in a computer and printer where they take care of the photo packages transaction. They also download their camera and show the pictures just taken of your baby on a big screen. You are encouraged to pose your baby in as many poses and outfits you desire. The name of the game is...sell, sell, sell those newborn picture packages by making this a moment and an event for all who are involved. I had so much fun watching this happen and I was very glad to have my cousin Carol and with her youngest daughter and husband there with me. They found and purchased the pink bow.

This white blanket with pink trim and tufted details was given to Amelia by Jan Smith.
Pink bunny sleeper and pink headband bow
The photographer posed baby like a pro and made everything just right.
I showed restrain when it came to purchasing the photo package, but it was hard.

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