Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Celebration of Stillness

The stockings have been emptied, the gifts under the tree unwrapped, the cookies baked and delivered, the cards long sent and received, and the Christmas and New Years dinner exclaimed over and eaten. Christmas is over for the year, and some people can't help but feel somewhat of a letdown at this time. After so much preparation and anticipation, we've come to expect the next big holiday event or happening. And the truth is that things quiet down significantly the days after Christmas. We can welcome the quietness, though, as something to look forward to, viewing it as a time to celebrate yet another aspect of the holiday-the gift of stillness.
Actually, in some countries, such as England, this Christmas season doesn't officially get started until December 25. You've probably heard the song " The Twelve Days of Christmas." but did you know what those twelve days are all about? They are the days leading up to Epiphany (January 6), which is the day the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem with gifts for the baby Jesus. Some people today still give gifts on Epiphany instead of Christmas Day. To stretch your holiday season out a little longer and enjoy a time of catching up reflecting and winding down, celebrate the twelve days of Christmas this year.
And somewhere in your twelve day celebration, schedule a Celebration of Stillness tea party. Remember to make it restful and simple. Invite just one or two people - your spouse, your best friend, your mother, your grandmother, your sister, your daughter, your granddaughters. Choose a free afternoon or evening and take some time to sip tea and nibble on treats engage in some real heart to heart talk and perhaps share your thoughts about the year that has past and your dreams of the new year.

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