Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Celebration of Friendship

Starting off the new year with a heart full of welcome.

Try this as your invitation:

You are invited to begin the New Year
with a very special tea party
given in celebration of our friendship

Every year I love to see the signs that point to winter's approach - spirited late afternoon windstorms that send fiery orange and yellow leaves scurrying off the trees, the transition from breezy cotton to cozy flannel sheets, wool sweaters, and warm coats brought forth from trunks and drawers. There's an excitement that permeates the chill in the air, a growing feeling of anticipation a heightened expectation of things yet to come. Winter is on the way!
During the Christmas season, we celebrate all that is good. We send others our most sincere wishes of peace, joy and love. From giving gifts to decorating our homes to offering extra smiles and words of encouragement, we're helping add to the feeling of goodwill that embraces the holiday season.
In the new year our interaction with those around us - family both immediate and extended, friends new and old, coworkers and members of the small groups to which we belong - we are given on opportunity after another to make someone else's New Year start out a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful, a little more memorable.
One of the best ways to start the year off in a friendly and festive fashion is by inviting a group of special people to begin the new year by celebrating with you - a few close friends, a study group, your sisters, the people in your department at work. And a tea party is a celebration just perfect of the occasion. In a salute to both companionship and a new year, a Celebration of Friendship tea party helps you kick off the new year on a proper note, preparing your heart and your home for the days of joy to come.

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