Sunday, January 3, 2010

ok so I have been a little busy since last post

I have been busy and have not posted anything since September sometime. I will just jump right to it and bring you to speed.
It is now January 2010, ( Oh My Word how did it get to be January already?0 These have been the fastest 4 months to live through in my life. Blink... they are gone.

Let's see. September I only thought I was soooo done with being pregnant, but not as done with it as I was when October came. Why? you ask was I done with the fun thing we call pregnancy? I had Gallbladder issues and my pain changed it's location and arrived into my stomach which made life oh so un-fun and the contractions added to the excitement with each day I felt I had a Boa Constrictor around my body pulling tighter and tighter making breathing a thing of the past, (ok, I could indeed breathe but it was not an easy thing to accomplish). As my due date arrived I was on a day by day, and week by week challenge to make it to a safe time for baby to be born and gallbladder to be removed after healing from my planned C-Section.

Skip to October 12th I had an appointment to get a giant needle stabbed into my stomach to check the fluid and the baby's lung development. The baby and the cord were in the way so the doctor decided against doing the test. Instead she had me in a room with monitors to track the baby's heartbeat and my contractions. Heartbeat of baby was reading healthy, my contractions were every 10 mins. I have been telling the doctor this but hours I was there with it actually being documented. They gave me a cup of vegetable soup and a salad with four pieces of grilled chicken and it sent me into a gallbladder attack... All of this was documented on the black and white computer print-out. (Yay!!!) My doctor had me checked to see if I was in labor, (I wasn't, by the way) and gave me medication for pain. Sent me home for me to come back the next day... to be continued...

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