Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Southern Snowfall

My oldest child was born in January, the day after a huge Nor-easter hit the state of Connecticut. I was very nervous about getting to the hospital for our scheduled c-section, but that was just my pregnant mommy mind feeling tense about traveling through the snow. In Connecticut, they snowplow every street, spread salt and sand so most roads are open. We made it to the hospital without a problem.
My son spent the first four and a half years of his life playing in the New England winters. Snow angels, igloos, snowball fights, snow-cream, sledding, icicle smashing, you name it, he loved winter time outside. When the snow melted that first spring he was bored with the grass. It was rather funny. There was one snow patch left to play in our yard and as a toddler he just sat down and cried because he missed the snow. I promised him that playing outside in the spring and summer would be fun too. There's sandboxes, sprinklers and pools to play in for many warm months. He was not buying it, he loved the snow and as a toddler, he wanted snow...NOW!

Winters are different for us now, we moved back to Alabama four years ago. When we told our son that there was going to be snow in Alabama too, he expected to see snow start falling in October and ending in April. Sorry sonny boy, Alabama does have seasons, pretty falls, beautiful springs and summers, but the winters are milder than New England, yet it still snows). Well, it took a few years for it to happen, but two years in a row we've have had snow, (not lots but some). Also, when it snows in Alabama the snow doesn't stay around for long. By the end of the day, its gone. As children we learned to get dressed in warm clothes fast and get out and play with whatever amount of snow that falls from the sky.
Here are a few pictures of our quick Alabama snow. Just in case you slept in and missed it.

This blue bundle is my youngest son. This is his first snow. He's wearing the same snow suit my oldest wore at his first snow. My how they grow up so fast.

There you have it, snow in Dixie.


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