Sunday, September 20, 2009


I got my belly "Henna-ed" and it was so much fun to sit there with my friend who was doing it and just laugh and relax for an hour or so.
She let me pick from several designs but the one with the baby feet stole my heart. Look how tiny and cute they are.
There were several pictures but this one showed off the tiny feet.
If you are pregnant you have got to do this!
The Henna is a mud and it is mixed with sugar and lavender. It smells so good and is very light feeling on your skin.
I enjoy looking at my belly now. Being at the end of this pregnancy that is not a very fun thing to do because I cannot believe how much my stomach is stretched. Now I just giggle when I see the design and remember the great time I had getting painted on.
The design fades slowly so there is time to enjoy it, take pictures and lift up your shirt to show friends and family...and blog viewers....

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