Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trapping and the Call of the Wild

My oldest son loves to go to his grandparent's house.  Even since he was a toddler he enjoyed the adventures visiting  my parent's home would bring.  On one of his first trips he saw a baby mouse, got sit on a tractor, observe a turtle for a few days in a box, (well it was a box turtle, ha) and feed the deer, raccoons, squirrels, bunnies and birds and whatever else roams their property.  

He has a very strong tree fort with zip line, a place to roast marshmallows, and hot dogs, golf cart rides, and as much cutting and nailing that his little heart desires.  Each time he visits he somehow leaves something undone on his mental list and cannot wait for the next visit to check off those activities.  

One such activity that has been on his list a few times is trapping an animal.  My father is the ring leader in these adventures so trapping somehow made it's way into the approved boyhood to manhood musts.  

My son is very much an animal lover and like most kids his age, he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up so he can have all the animals he wants surrounding him at all times.

When my father located an animal friendly trap the time had come to see a wild animal up close and personal.  

This is a WILD animal remember.

This is NOT Chip or Dale... this is a wild animal!  Ok, we named him Chippy
How cute is he!  

They trapped this adorable Chipmunk and then brought him into the house,  Oh how we loved looking at him and seeing how adorable he was until we saw rodent nugget poop and it was time for "Chippy" to head back outside again.

There is just no telling what adventure waits for my darling son when he once again gets to take a trip to see his grandparents.  But there is one thing for sure, there will not be a dull moment.

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