Monday, June 1, 2009

Ten Top Reasons To Live in The South

For years the South has been the place people flock for their retirement.
  Why do they pick the South to spend their golden years?  
Because once they visit they know they will love living in the South!

I will tell you my Top 10 Reasons I love living in the South.

1.  The people take the time to get to know each other and make connections with each other that will last a life time.
2.  The landscape is full of flowers and beautiful for most of the year.  The soil is rich and the plants thrive in the weather.  So the grass is greener, the lakes are fuller and the forest are thicker.
3.  You can play sports year round.  There are chilly days, but not so bad that going outside will kill you.  Yes, there are places to snow ski in the south as well.

4.  The food is fresh and from the vine.  The fresh garden vegetables are amazing.  Also there are lemons, limes, oranges... ok you get the point.  The growing season it very long.
5.  Seafood is just a stones throw away.  Seafood is fresh from the Gulf and very good.
6.  There are many Museums, Zoos and Art and Music Events to attend.  Southerners pride themselves in the fundraisers, events and galas to help fund their love of culture. 

 7.  Living in an area where others flock to vacation means there is always something to do.  Outside sports, fishing, hunting, gardening, swimming, skiing, hiking, sailing... again, you get the point.
8.  Living in the south also means that family and friends are a focus for most people.  When you get to know someone here, you will also get to know their connection to the ones they know and love.

9.  The practical things like, the cost of living is lower.  It doesn't mean that it isn't as good as other places.  It is very much the opposite.  It is as good and less expensive... imagine that! 
10.  I have not mentioned my most favorite thing and that is the air here.  The smells of the flowers.  The Southern Magnolia is an Evergreen tree.  It's blossoms grow as large as your face!  I know this because I sink my face into it as I breathe in the citrus and floral scent that is like no other!
The smells in the south also include, honeysuckle, orange blossoms, gardenia's and Jasmine just to mention a few.  The air can get so fragrant that it is intoxicating.  Sit outside on your porch at night and listen to the tree frogs and night time bugs... ahhh, really amazing!

Those are my picks for the South's life style.  If you have never visited here, then pick a deep south state and get ready for a wonderful time.  

Oh, just one more thing, we talk different here too.  It's ok, Y'all will be alright.   We also will come right up to you and shake your hand, hug your neck and ask you about your mama.  The South is our home and we want to welcome you here. Now come on in and have some iced tea or lemonade and tell us about what's been happening in your life lately. 

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