Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Passing Out, But the Toddler's Happy!

There are a few childhood summer experiences that every child  cannot grow up without.  

1.  Camping in the backyard, yet only making it partly through the night even after swearing to your parents that you are able to make it all night.

2.  Catching Fireflies at dusk, and putting them in containers only to forget them and they all go belly up from not enough air and banging into the jar all night.

3.  Giving your Parent CPR after hours of popping bubbles, blown from a tiny plastic stick inside a sticky spilling container.

Just to name a few.  

Good ol' Toddler's favorite word is "a-gin, a-gin".  He does not grow tired of repeating these words/demands and is happy to say it louder if you by chance might not have heard him the first 45 times.

Bubbles are cheap entertainment and great to the very last drop... Drop meaning the one blowing on the bubble wand.


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