Sunday, June 7, 2009

The First of Many Hats

After writing my last post, I started thinking about the many hats my husband and I really do wear as parents. I listed them, (see blog post below).  I wanted to get an account of what it is we do as parents.  The list I made helped me see why we are physically and mentally tired by the end of the day.  

Do you want to know something that surprised me the most after my newborn was home the first week?  It was the fact that there is no weekend "ahhhh T.G.I.F." feeling.  My sweetie came home on Friday with the feeling of work done and things accomplished a "TGIF" feeling.  I was, however, thrown into the reality of there is NO "ahhhh T.G.I.F" feeling.  As parents, we don't have a different feeling on the weekends.  Parenting is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and 365 days a year job!  (So that is what makes me tired, oh I get it now!) 

But having the honor of wearing those many hats all started with putting on my favorite hat of all, ( I wear that hat daily).  To what hat I'm I referring?  Hey, no sneaking to the picture at the bottom of this post to get a hint...

Ok, I'll tell you... the hat of being the bride. 
Hey, it is not a one day title.
 Once a bride always a bride.
 It's a sorority, each of us share similar experiences on that special day.  
We cry sweetly when others join us, because we very much remember our first day as a bride.  Isn't it the most wonderful feeling?  Dressing up, gathering good friends and family, walking down that carpeted path clutching onto our daddy and embracing our dream boat darling groom's arm.  Saying those vows and making those dreams of  life together as one a reality.

I love being the bride, I love my dream boat darling groom too.  

With all of this talk, I think I'm gonna flip through my wedding albums now and put on my wedding pearled tiara.  What? It's a perfectly wonderful "Stay-cation" for rejuvenating the mind.  Go put on your "actual" bride's hat and join me... you know you want to.

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