Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Takes a Village to Make Brownies

This third pregnancy has not really given me many "cravings".  I do seem to prefer Jim N Nicks smoked turkey salad, japanese or chinese foods, orange juice, tomatoes and maybe the occasional strawberry frozen yogurt. But as for a crazed craving, it's been very uneventful... well, until last night.
I really wanted our family's favorite brownie recipe my mom makes so yummy! My husband, who has worked to get this recipe down to an art, reported to me that we had everything but three of the four tablespoons of powdered cocoa.

Ok, this is when the situation turned from casual desire for these brownies to a full out crazed driven craving.  I must have given my husband this crazy looked because he stopped and looked at me for a second and said, "If you can find 3 Tablespoons of powdered cocoa, I'll make them."  Well, isn't that sweet, you say... well it was 9 p.m. and I was dressed in my nighty.  I had to come up with a plan...

Now what would Pregnant Lucy do? hummm, My side kicks, Ethel's still live up in Connecticut so I'd have to do this one on my own... hummm

I went the lazy modern gal's route.  I posted my need for powdered cocoa in my status of my Facebook profile.  Apparently, my cousin who lives in Florida was the only one looking at updated status's at that time of the night.  

hummm... I went straight for the neighborhood google group email, (it is to be used only for fairly important request and announcements... I'm thinking this qualifies, kind of).

Now, how does one beg for cocoa via public neighborhood email?

I began my begging with a buttering up greeting...

"Hello Neighbors,
I first want to say what a sweet and neighborly neighborhood we all have the pleasure of living in.
I'm making a selfish request for my pregnancy craving. I'm craving one of my mom's recipes and I am short 3 Tablespoons of powdered cocoa. Does anyone have some cocoa that we can borrow?  

Your Pregnant Neighbor, 

I waited, and waited...

"Dang", I texted my husband, (come on admit it, you text your family members who are in the same house, the same room, or sometimes right beside you).

BINGO!!!! after waiting 6 long minutes...three neighbor reply emails and a phone call... ha!! score!!!  wahoo!!! One neighbor said she was on her way to deliver the cocoa to the pregnant lady!  

Now, the guilt and shameful greed set in as my sweet neighbor who was armed with her husband and flashlights at 9 pm, walked away... sigh... I feel so selfish, selfish gluttony... tears almost swell...
Well, now I really, really need some guilt curing chocolate! Get cracking on those brownies dear!!! 

I had my favorite made to order extra crispy corner piece and went to bed.  I told my hubby that we really needed to hide the brownies because my son will sniff them out.  "No, he will not see them, I'll just cover them with the container's lid."
This morning I asked my darling son if he knew we had brownies.  He said, "Yes, I do and I only had one."

Here is the picture of of the shape of his one piece.  Only one...but it was the size of TEXAS!!!

I'll grab my mom's recipe and share it with you! :)  

But Beware of what the cravings for these brownies will make you do!

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