Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Toy That Keeps Resurfacing

There is a toy that will NOT go away.  Do you have one of these at your home?

Although I have tried many times to get rid of the this toy I really don't know how it is always resurfacing again and again.  

This is a Happy Meal Toy that is not a very Happy Toy after all.  It is great for a toddler who wants to push it's cute red belly over and over and over and over..... to make the chiming beeping song that just begs to be pushed again and again and again.

It is very sensitive, you know the kind, that somehow starts working all by itself.  NO one is around it but somehow it calls to a toddler from across the room.  Who then prances after his long lost red, beeping belly dino, to push it again.  sigh...

I KNOW I threw it away when I found that one of the dogs had chewed on it.  But no.... 

It somehow resurfaced.
I know I threw it out when I was cleaning out the McToy's from the toy box.
But No.... It was back in the diaper bag!  What? Yeah.  How in the world did THAT happen?  I have no idea.  So today I am cleaning out some boxes from our move and low and behold, I step on, Mister red beepy belly dino.  I know that it is the same guy because of the facial scars from the dog tearing into it's green plastic-y flesh. 
 I ask another question of this green guy.  
How on earth are these batteries lasting this long?  
It is amazing.
 This toy has a 2006 stamped on it's foot.
Move over Energizer Bunny.

So one last farewell with all of the fanfare to surely send it on it's way... 
Good bye Red Bellied Beeping Green Dino Dude.

I don't even feel sad about not donating him and sending him straight to the landfill.
(You're so welcome moms out there who might have picked this toy up from a tag sale.) 

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