Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

I am a girly girl, I will admit to as much. I like the color pink, I love to dress up. I like to have my hair cut and styled, my nails painted and my toes in a very pretty painted color at all times. I don't mind panty hose and slips, I love perfume and jewelry. I like to coordinate, match and blend.

I do like to run, play tennis, ride my bike, debate, cook and garden. I'm not afraid to get dirty, messy and sweat. But if I had to pick, I'd like to be cool and be fanned... ha! I like to shop, craft, "do lunch" with friends and surprise my friends with gifts.

So how did I do as a mom of two boys?

Well, at first I was confused because I thought there was more to dressing and grooming them, no fancy hair, no diaper covers, and the clothing for the boys are very limited to pants, shirt, jeans, shirt, shorts, shirt. and at sometime around 5 it becomes camo for everything including pajamas. I did the longalls, the shortalls the blue bubble suits as long as I could but around three, the cute is over. My second boy is two I have another good year and then poof... all done with the adorable little boy clothes.

BUT guess who is on the way!!.... baby girl!! yipppp!

I am really getting into this now that the idea of having another child and having a GIRL has registered in my brain!!!

So.... I have been internet window shopping and look what I have found!! These are so fun!

oh my goodness! The pink the poof and the dressing up is just going to be a hoot! I have about a month left until she gets here and the fun will begin!

Yeah Girls!!

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