Thursday, September 17, 2009

Through The Eyes of A Child

Have you ever downloaded your pictures and found one surprise picture or, say, 20 that you didn't take.
It happens to me a lot.
I actually adore seeing the pictures that my oldest son takes. Before I had my phone/camera I would develop pictures of Hot Wheel cars being held in his tiny hand. Now I find a sort of still life movie he takes one frame at a time of toys he moves a quarter of an inch and takes the picture as the toy makes it's way in and out of the "stage" where this action is taken place. Here are three pictures I found, they are a sample of the kind of movie frame pictures he takes.
These are the dragons that stared in this movie. Here the Green, blue and red dragons are all posed together.
This photo shows All the dragons a bit closer...ok very close. "Drag-ity Dragon"
Earlier this summer it was this shark that was the star of the feature. "Shark-ity Shark".

I hope this is an interest that I can help him along with and we can add music, words and more props. Until then I will enjoy the surprises he leaves me and wait for what my other two children will take pictures of and capture on screen.

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