Monday, September 7, 2009

A Place for Toddlers


This place is such a fun place to take a toddler!

When I was a first time parent I lived in Connecticut far away from friends and family. My hubby was at work and the friends that I had made before I got pregnant were at work too. So, when I was at home with my baby, I found that I wanted a new mommy social life and I needed it fast!! I signed up for classes for myself and baby. Did I mention that I very much needed the social interaction that these baby and mommy classes would bring?

I signed up my 6 month old, Benjamin, for Gymboree class, Baby Library time, Border Story time, Kindermusic, and "Mom's Cafe" at church. We had a very full month and busy schedule of an hour here and there each week. I was loving it and I bonded with Benjamin so much too going, doing and learning how to be a mommy watching him interact and play with other babies. I made some of my life long friends in those classes. I adore all of those moms and their children so much and we still keep in touch, our kids are now in the 3rd and 4th grade...sigh.

Now with baby number two things have changed. We live closer to family and friends. We also live in a neighborhood that is a kid haven with a park close by, a pool within walking distance, a lake and places to walk everywhere. The weather is beautiful most everyday and there is NO SNOW for 6 months out of the year!! Things are definitely different. My husband works from home and the hours are filled with the needs of the whole family. So the need to keep busy outside the home with classes has shifted.

But one thing I adored more than any of those classes was to watch my toddler be in his element. Where climbing and sliding and running and skipping, bubbles, music and dancing are all geared to his age and development. "Oh Gymbo, Gymbo, Gymbo. oh Gymbo you're the best!!!"

Ok I admit they push the brand in their songs, toys, chants and well jargon while speaking to us, but I drank their kool-aide years ago with Ben, it's just like old times for me now!

Bray Bray LOVED his adventure and I loved watching him scurry to each new thing to climb on crawl through and slide down.

We definitely had a Gymboree Day!


  1. I need to sign up and do this with Gray. I know he would love it. Sorry I missed your shower. I couldn't find a babysitter. They are harder to come by over this way! ha-miss the hood. Hope you are doing well and enjoy the last few weeks of this pregnancy. You are about to enter into a whole new realm of baby--GIRLHOOD. Oh it is wonderful.

  2. the above comment was from me! mallory