Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pink Items for Baby

My sweet neighbor is letting us use her baby swing. I am really excited about this swing. It does so many things. 16 songs, 6 modes of speed, lights in the shape of butterflies, actual pink stuffed butterflies that are on the mobile...ahhhhh Oh, and two directional swinging patterns. This swing is ready for any kind of soothing that a tired parent could ever dream of. I look forward to trying it out with my baby.

Have I mentioned to you in a while that I am SO over this pregnancy? Yeah, I'm 7 months on August 3rd and I am ready for October to be here! I am ready for it to be over for two of the obvious reasons.

1. I am having a girl!!!! I have had two boys and I am so ready for the challenge of a new gender in this house to mix things up again.

We go to all kinds of BOY places, I'm so ready to start dragging them to some girl places or at least have someone to go with me to a girl place...

2. I am SO over this pregnancy! Now I know that I mentioned it's right up there a few sentences. Wait...did you miss it again? I'm so over being the pregnant one.

But really how cute is this swing? It also has the option of being a plug in swing and not operated with batteries. If you have been a parent you know what a pain it can be to reach for a soothing item for a crying baby only to find it on it's last leg of battery juice.

So onward upward and outward I go...I am brave...I can keep this bun in the oven and keep getting bigger and stretched far far far far out. I will continue making the babies room look pink and get it ready for this tiny baby who is coming our way.

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