Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Other Man, Well Let Me Explain

There are not that many men that will make me run out the door to greet him when I hear him pull up.
I adore my husband and I do miss him very much when he is gone from me. Do I run out of the door and greet him with excitement like I have not seen him in years, no... I do smile and feel a nice relief when I see his face. Sort of like a team mate or superman's arrival... a greetings of a sigh, a yeah and a kiss.
I adore my daddy and I love when I see his smiling face anytime I get to see him, but I don't run out of the door crazed with heart racing...

No that racing heart and crazed feeling is for one person only....

The Ice Cream Man!

I don't know what it is about the bell and songs that he plays but it pushes me into high gear and turns me into a bit of a freak.

I could be asleep, reading a book, or talking to a depressed friend...but once I hear the ice cream man's truck...all things stop and my focus changes within seconds.

So the Ice Cream Man shows up on our street this week and I once again turned into a 7 year old.

I sprung up from the couch. I rushed to the "just in case the ice cream man shows up some day this summer we will have change ready" jar and emptied it onto the counter and began picking out the quarters.

I ran out the door and barked orders from over my shoulder about the dogs and the children.... something along the lines of... blah blah blah, don't let the dogs escape, baby might need to be watched while sitting in a highchair....blah blah blah... I have to go and meet this guy now he is ringing his secret ring just for me... it's been nice, gotta go...

I love him. Well, the 7 year old me does and my 8 year old son is starting to act just like me.

On this visit from the ice cream man, my son was rushing around the house for his shoes and yelled... "I cannot find my Ice Cream Man"! I just laughed and laughed. We both took each others hands and leaped off the steps, sort of stopped mid air Jedi Knight style and did a high five before we landed right in front of the ordering window.

I hope that I raise my kids right and one of them makes Ice Cream Man their occupation. Every family needs a Doctor, Lawyer and an Ice Cream Man.


  1. Yum !! I want an orange pushup !! Or maybe a drumstick ! Gotta go dig under the car seat, I think I hear music....

  2. Do you remember the ice cream guy in Gadsden when we were in college? He got arrested for selling pot out of his ice cream truck...