Wednesday, July 8, 2009

America's Farmers ROCK

I am pregnant. I think we all can see that. All of my life I have been a vegetable lover. But put the love of veggies and being preggers together... we've got trouble! I have lustful fantasies over the things. So here at the beach during our vacation there are stands after stands of these vegetable and fresh fruit just waiting to be eaten. I'm in heaven, ahhhh.

Oh, but add the bionic nose that I posses along with being pregger then let me tell you there is no peach, tomato, or corn on the cob that is safe around me, ahhhhh.

I stopped at Hazel's Market on the side of the road and found true love. I also tried boiled peanuts. Have you ever tried one of these? You have to if you have not~ Take it from me...a preggie gal. They are to die for and you cannot eat just one!

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