Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Beach Vacation for Baby Boy

If you have ever planned a week long beach vacation you know that lots of high hopes about the weather being just right while you are there starts about when you pay the deposit and place the dates in pen on your calender. You get the people at church to pray with you about the weather and you check the weather channel's week outlook everyday leading up to your arrival date.
I checked my iphone weather application the day of our travel and the ONLY day that was to be sunny was the actual travel day and it was about 6pm at the time. sigh....
But guess what? The weather was perfect! We had our rain showers at night when we were all tucked in our beds and it made sleeping extra great!

The only stormy weather we had was when we attempted to take our toddler to the beach. Daily we packed everything imaginable that we all four might need while at the beach from flip flops and Crocs to sand buckets, beach towels, sunscreen in all numbers of protections and hydrating icy cold liquids in various choices. But once we made our first step onto the snowy white soft sandy beach our toddler, who by the way knows very few sentences screams, "ALL DONE".... not once mind you but 77 times!

It took until the next to the last day of our week long beach trip and several beaches until he got into the idea of sand and surf. THEN he could not get enough and didn't want to leave.

We all had a ball!

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