Saturday, July 18, 2009

Up close View of the Endangered Wild

What an amazing thing my friend from High School got to witness. I just had to share this.

She and her family had planned to watch the shuttle launch, but there was a problem with the weather which unfortunately delayed the launch.

Instead, what they got to witness was to me truly more amazing.

I don't know what these people's titles would actually be... The Local Turtle People? The Turtle Protection Program People? The Walt Disney Magical Moments Turtle Release Program? What? I don't know, but the only people I know that can top a shuttle launch would be Disney, so maybe they were representing the Florida Tourism Board and they were called in, "Cue the turtles!"

These are the three pictures I "borrowed" from her that don't actually have her children along with strangers in complete awe.

Isn't this just so amazing?

If only Jeff Corwin was around to do some narration about the life of a sea turtle and it's beginnings.

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