Saturday, August 8, 2009


When I was single I was really careful to date people with character. I think that it's important to look at someone closely for a while and really get to know them. Dating several people at a time, to me, was a great way to meet lots people and see the characteristics in guys while seeing if I would like to know one of them better.

I was determined to marry a guy who was, of course, cute, funny, talented and just a bit different from the others whom I had dated in the past. Just who had I dated in the past? I dated the offspring from my families circle who were churched, wealthy and politically raised. All things that promised a great future and the nod from my circle. I was not against getting the nod from the circle, it just seemed to be a limited circle. Many of those men found beautiful brides and live happily ever after...I just wanted someone that I could claim on my own.

As I grew up in my circle, I was good friends with college guys who were adorable and admiring but just didn't have that certain something that made me want to have a relationship with them, something was lacking in their character. I wanted someone different. Someone quirky, a bit wacky, and a whole lot adorable. Someone soft and walked with a certain confidence who wanted to work together as a team. Someone with so much character that it would be very hard to walk a day in his shoes.

Did I ever snag a guy with character! He was literally hot, a real tiger...gggrrrrrrrrrr!!
I love you Allan.

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