Thursday, August 20, 2009

One of My Favorite Places to Shop

Do you have a favorite place you love to shop? A place that when you walk in the door you get a feeling of luxury or desire or pure greed? A place that you wish that one day when you win the lottery you could just walk in and buy one or twelve of each and just go hog wild? (whatever that really means?)

I do! It's name is L'OCCITANE

It's a place that I found while I was living in Connecticut. I had only seen and smelled this product while flying on Delta. Then BAM! a shop opens in our West Farms Mall.

It is Fab-u-lous! I am not one that is highly sensitive to fragrance so to me walking in a store that has sprays and lotions and defusers don't bother me at all. Instead I am awakened and well, filled with desire to smell each and every one of these creamy, rich, natural products.

If you were to look into my brain and see the actual desire level, you would see that I am fighting a battle and restraining myself for social reasons. What I really want to be doing is more along the line of how a toddler would act in a toy store. I want to snort my nose up against the bottle and breathe in the lavender...and just leave it there. ahhhhhhh.... then honey verbena.... then a few coffee beans that they place around to clear the scent pallet so I can get a fresh new snort and move to the next fragrance. I want to sit on the floor and squeeze each lotion and smooth them on my legs arms and feet.

Holy Moly! It is so hard to stand there gently picking up a few bottles and sniffing lightly and quickly. Self Controlled me says, "Oh that smells nice" instead of "OH MY WORD THIS IS SO AWESOME, MORE MORE MORE!!!"

When we moved away from Connecticut we didn't have a store in our area until a few years ago.
Life is so good again! But how long do I have to put up this calm appearance? hummm

Try it you'll like it. When you buy it you can take it home and smear as much as you want and sniff as loudly as you wish!
What stores do this to you?

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