Sunday, May 31, 2009

We Are In the South... But This Sure Ain't Cotton!

We were about to get into our car when we all heard a strange sound.  It had been raining pretty hard earlier but this sounded more like a "PING" than a downpour.  A loud ping.

My goodness, that looks like a child's hand.  Is that cotton?

No silly that is not cotton, that is Hail...

And if you are a little boy at our house then you know where your armor is.  Ben promptly thought the best way to get into the mix was to grab his hard plastic armor from his Knight costume.  How else would you protect yourself in this kind of air attack?

Of course, the pieces that were falling over by the trash can were MUCH bigger so these tiny pieces near the garage would never do, (Especially if you have a Knight's Shield handy)

As quickly as it arrived it was over.  It was amazing and I am glad we snapped some pictures.

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