Sunday, May 31, 2009

Six pack abs

So I catch this side view of myself in the mirror today and find that now I'm really starting to show in my pregnancy, (who am I kidding, I started to show at conception with this my beloved third child). 

Upon studying more closely I found that my pants are being pulling forward from the front, to make enough room for my precious who is growing in it's womb, I say with as much smiles and trying not to be too vain at this life changing experience.

I see that I have a bit of a wedgey thing that is happening with the back side of this blessed event.  My growing is happening all over that is just a fact with me and my pregnancies.  But the growing is happening in such a way that I can no longer fit into my comfy pants.  I'm 5 months pregnant and I need the Jumbo size.  

Ok, I tell myself, this too shall pass i will hold this baby (gender unknown until this coming Wednesday) and the weight will just fall off of me.  I have to survive this some how mentally right?  

I vow to go to the cute preggy clothing stores and get some cute new items this week.  I sit down to start my online pregnant cute clothing shopping adventure and what is the FIRST item on my screen....

Yeah, that!  OY!  How am I suppose to continue my denial if that reality is in my head. 

 Are those not the best abs ever!!!

ok, so I have my whole life ahead of me for those abs, but the abs I am carrying now only take 9 months and make a human... That is pretty incredible in itself.  

Our Womanly bodies are amazing inside and out!  Don't you think?

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