Saturday, May 30, 2009

Change of plans...Expect 3 Kids

When we dreamed about how our life was going to be once we got married it was never clear to how many children we were going to have.  For many years we went without children and we traveled and lived the life of sleeping 'till noon on the weekends.  In our 5th year of marriage we started to get the baby fever and the fever didn't last long before we were pregnant with our first child.  Benjamin, our family had begun.  
My pregnancy was difficult and a C-Section with recovery let me know quickly that child birth and parenthood was much more difficult than managing a hotel union staff at multiple events.  Our next addition was not with us until after we had 2 miscarriages.  Six years later we had our second boy, Brayden.  How sweet he is and Benjamin is showing his true meaning of his name, "Son of my left hand" to the fullest.  Life with two after life with just one is really mixing things up.  He is adorable and keeping us laughing.  We now are evened out at restaurants, Ben says.  
But if I stopped here there would not be a blog started.  If I stopped here the title would mean nothing.  Guess what happens when you don't truly know if you are done having kids.

That's DON't Stop having them.  I'm not sure if I signed up for this.  Everyday I wonder what I'm getting myself into.  

But Here is to the Journey!!! Cheers to EXPECT 3!!

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