Thursday, October 14, 2010

So We Have Finally Agreed Where To Eat!

This sign is really funny to me. I have passed this place so many times and I finally just took a moment to capture a picture of it. I have yet to eat here, but I think I will next time I am in the area. As a joke I posted this picture on my Facebook page. So many of my friends and family added some funny comments about this sign. Now, I am even more intrigued about what they might serve. I also have the strong urge to report back to my Facebook pals with more information.

Who knows what adventure is waiting for me in this place. Good or bad I'm going in!

My cousin is the one that cracked me up the most and I have used part of her reply in naming this blog post.

Cousin Carol said of this picture, "Great, So we have finally agreed what restaurant, now what are we going to eat?"

I'll keep y'all posted too.

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