Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In this Photo is a Very Embarrassed Me

OK, this is a while back... yeah, the dress and the hair style did not give that one away, right? (be nice)
I was in a "Crimson and Blue Pageant" at my school. The winner of this pageant competed on a state level. The State Winner would then be the representative for our state in the Miss America Pageant.
Well, this a new level of competition at our school. We all signed up and went through the very strict interviews and regulations. My mom hired a very expensive hair dresser for that hair, (so, nice). My dress is red and I adored the puffiness of the skirt. I'm done setting up the story....

On to the event.

Right before the competition we were all dressed up and ready to all take a walk on stage and greet the audience. You know, wave, wave, smile, smile...walk and all exit as a group like we entered. The reminder of what to do if picked for the top 10 were reviewed once again. I was not listening at this time to those instructions, because I was in it for fun of dressing up, and I was not as serious as some of the competitors who were very glamorous. I was a cheerleader and an athlete which means nothing to this story, but I, instead of listening, was chatting in the corner with my buddies.

The Winner is....

Well, those of us who were not top 10 were sent to the gym to join our family. I suddenly noticed a commotion and strange looks on my mother and neighbor's face as I walked out and began walking over to them. Being a teen, I just brushed it off as adults being weird. I mean, hello.... they ARE parents, weird comes with the territory!

The WINNER ISSSSS......Annette McGuire!

Wait wah? I'm not the winner.... there are people on stage... and I am not the winner... they are SO mixed up. I'm in the bleachers for crying out loud....

"Miss Congeniality is Annette McGuire"


Oh NO! I SO didn't listen to what the winners are suppose to do....

I got up, (ok, I was pushed out of my seat by my friends and mother) and started walking over to the stage to receive my award. Nooooo, that wasn't what I was suppose to do.... the coordinator "whispers" loudly at me...
OK, So I walk behind the stage and pop up next to the MC. take my award to run off stage. BUT noooooo, that is not what I am suppose to do either....She is now moving her arms in a sweeping way, motioning me to keep walking.

OK, Did I mention this is on stage in many bright stage lights? Spot lights. Judges who didn't pick me...are now laughing and put down their pens. Cross their arms and enjoy the comedy relief wondering how I'm going to get out of this one. Believe me, I was wondering the same thing.

I stood center stage... looked to the coordinator, she says STOP. My mom and friends are motioning.... get off the stage.
By now the whole audience is understanding my dilemma and NOOOOO one is throwing me a bone! What do I do? I stand middle stage...where this picture was taken, and just look straight out to the audience, smile and wave. I then twirl my hair and crack up. I still don't know where to go or what to do.

This was a "Teachable Moment" for me... It marks my sudden desire to listen and follow directions better in my life.

What about you? Oh, and believe me, I'm always getting myself into situations, but the embarrassment doesn't happen in the spot light. Well, wait there was that time in New York City when I was on stage with CATS... but that's another story.

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