Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Must-Have Baby Photo Shoot Accessories

Sticky Bellies Milestone Stickers

During the first few weeks of baby’s life you can’t put the camera down. Look, a smile! (Or was it gas?) Her eyes are open! (And now they’re shut.)

But as time goes on, those shutterbug tendencies give way to exhaustion.

Keep the momentum going with Sticky Bellies, a new collection of stickers that celebrate every month of baby’s first year. When the milestone hits, stick the corresponding sticker on anything from a onesie to a jean jacket and snap away. It’s an easy way to document baby’s growth visually, and the twelve corresponding pictures look pretty darn cute in a side-by-side frame.

Each circular patch is designed to look like a sewn-on applique (thanks to faux contrast stitching) but is completely disposable. Just tear off (the onesie, jacket, dress) and toss when the photo shoot is done.

The only thing permanent is the resulting picture.

Available online at, $15.

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